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Gemini is written about the more..... dark-sided stereotypes of the astrological sign Gemini. You know when someone has so much to say about you but they act like they loveeee you whenever you're around?? THAT'S what this is about. Someone who is 2-sided, 2-faced, and just can't make up their mind. When you mint Gemini you will receive a dynamic NFT that changes when certain milestones are hit. There will be 3 main milestones. #1 Gemini reaches 20k streams, #2 Gemini hits 50k streams, and #3 Gemini hits 100k streams!! The more you listen to the song on streaming platforms the faster the NFT will change! If you mint 10 Gemini NFTs you will receive a hoodie that Caly designed herself. This hoodie is special because everyone who wears it will be helping to manifest Caly going on tour in 2024! Become one of Caly's top supporters and mint Gemini <3


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