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The Universal Collection #2138

The Universal Collection

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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of music history? “The Universal Music Collection” brings the concept of musical trophies to the blockchain. The digital trophies will be made on a song by song basis and will evolve automatically as the streaming numbers go up. From tier 1 (Launch) through 2 (Orbit), 3 (Lunar), 4 (Solar), 5 (Galaxy) and 6 (Supernova) - all in real time. If you believed in a song from the start, you could be a part of the journey from underground recognition to wider adoption all the way to a global hit. The first drop will be a collection of 3,333 trophies built on the tier 5 (Galaxy) design. These will be a free mint which will provide holders first access to all future trophy drops. You will also have access to a exclusive community & other benefits.


The Universal Collection


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